24 Best Sprinter Van Conversion Interiors

Sprinter Van Conversion Interiors


Best layout for sprinter van conversion

Designing and build a camper van requires a lot of researching, planning and mostly experience at living in one. Every camper or outdoorsman has a different needs and requirements, and building the interior design of a camper van is solely based on the campers lifestyle. Sprinter vans are ideals for a conversion project, they have the adequate room for living, are quite durable and have the horsepower to deal with the extra payload capacity.

Design and layout

After purchasing your van you should check for any mechanical issues or upgrade the van needs before beginning your work. Now if you possess the basic knowledge for standard tools, you can build the van yourself, for more tricky parts of the build however like the hot water system or solar panel placement I recommend getting a professional. After planning the conversion it’s important to set a time table and an estimated budget for cost of conversion parts and go from there.

Insulation and Electricity

Insulation is a key factor in camper vans, whether you are looking to camp in warmer or colder climates, the insulation layers will prevent the heat from escaping or entering the van keeping you nice and cozy. The first step is to gut the van from the inside out, I recommend going with two layers of insulation with one being 30mm Kingspan and the other your preferred choice whether it will be bubble wrap or sheep wool. For electrical power, solar panels are an expensive but worthy investment. We recommend installing a solar kit which consists of one 400 watt solar panel, one 1500watt invertor and two 220ah deep cycle leisure batteries. With all this electrical power it’s not a bad idea to install a couple 240v sockets which will run off the invertor.

Sprinter Van Conversion Interiors

Heating and Hot water system

Toilet placement in a campervan can be problematic let alone a shower with it. A hot water system and a toilet is considered a luxury when camping in a conversion van. Not only do they take a decent amount of your already tiny floor space, they also take away a huge chunk of your budget. A composting toilet is ideal for longer getaways from civilization, as I’m sure taking a dump in the forest is not something you look forward to everyday. For the hot water system however you have two options, either you can go with the conventional gas tank heater or a diesel heater which draws fuel from the fuel tank into the heater located inside of the van.

Interior and Storage

The bedding and storage are areas which come together in a camper van. Building two separate custom bed platforms which function as sitting areas and can be arranged into a king sized sleeping bed. Storage is something you can never get enough of when living in a small motorhome, an especially in a tiny Sprinter Van. The main storage area of the van is underneath the two couches which will provide a decent enough storage placement but not nearly enough, you have to be creative and sneaky on this one and use as much vertical dead space with hangers and shelves for your gear and appliances. The electrical power from the solar panels is more than enough to power a mini fridge, and electrical stove or microwave. With central heating and hot water accessible, building a small kitchen with a sink, kitchen drawers and cabinets is an ideal way.

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