23 Awesome Van House Hacks

Van House


In recent time, we have witnessed an increased number of people who spend time, or even more often live in vans on the road.  It sure is exciting, but if you’re not flexible or vigorous, this can be a dangerous experience for you. If you’re new at this, I’m pretty sure you lack knowledge and preparedness about the basic survival skills. I hope this inspires you to hit the road and feel the beauty of the road life and all its possibilities. Spending extended time on the road has its ups and downs, so, if you want this experience to be less discomforting and more pleasuring for you, follow my six tips and get the best out of the van life.

Always get your Sleep

I’m sure not all of us are used to sleep in vehicles, but when it comes down to your sleep (which believe me in this case it’s very worthy), even the slightest nap is considered a blessing. You’ll be hyped with concentration and energy, which you’ll desperately need. So when you have the time or feel like it is the time, put your seats down and get in your sleeping bag. You don’t need much money for a comfortable lounge.

Van House Hacks

Enjoy Your Food

Everybody’s different so I’m not going to tell you what to eat, but there are certain tips to help you keep yourself and your environment clean and appropriate. You’ll have limited space and cooking is not the best option for you. You should decide on cold and ahead cooked meals. For example, a salad or sandwich in a container are easy and delicious and will save you dirty dishes.

Don’t pay for Camping

Whether you have some extra pocket money or not, I recommend you don’t spend it on unnecessary camping additions. The beauty camping road life is in the unforeseen circumstances. If you’re tires are flat or you have any mechanical problems with your campervan, you will gladly have extra money to repair the damage. Always stay prepared ahead.

Use those streets smart

Maybe you haven’t had the need to lock your car doors until now, because you never had left expensive belongings there, but now your whole life is in that van. You will probably have all your essential possessions and you wouldn’t want to be left bare out there. So, be careful where you park your van, keep your stuff hidden and always lock your door to minimize the chance to be burglarized.

Trust the magic of strangers

The life on the road can put you in many unpredicted situations. Your phone may die, you may have car trouble and your only best solution will be the help of a stranger. Don’t be scared of the unknown, an unfamiliar face can give as much help as like any other.


You may have heard that the road is a symbol of freedom. The life on the road is open to any possibilities. Whenever you have the need, pull over for a hike, picnic, and take a look of your surroundings and wallow in the beauty that is in front of you. These are the memories that will last forever.

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  • Calling these “van houses” is a bit of a stretch. This style of van has been around since the 1970’s and it is something to be proud of, so leave the house part out of this and van-on.

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