23 Best Van Conversion Ideas Layout

Van Conversion Ideas Layout


The van is a versatile road vehicle for transportation of supplies or other people.  If you have a mobile lifestyle or enjoy travelling, a conversion van will provide many of the characteristics of a motorhome. In this article, I will be sharing some van conversion ideas. But before that, let’s look at the benefits of converting a van into your motorhome.

The benefits of having a conversion van

Now normal conversion vans aren’t considered motorhomes, but with a couple tweaks here and there it will satisfy all your basic needs and more. Aside from transporting you from one place to another, the van should have a high enough top for you to stand up straight, walk and furthermore customize. Camper Vans and other types of Motorhomes are very expensive, so building one for your own needs and budget seems best. The benefits of having a custom van instead of a classical RV is enjoying the outdoors and having to cope with unavoidable problems like water lines, water pump, toilet or tire issues.

Building once instead of buying

Assuming you are on a limited budged the Dodge Spinter van is the ideal choice for you. After 2003 the Sprinter Units received Dodge branding in North America. The first generation of the Sprinter was introduced in 2001 carrying a Mercedes-Benz 2.7 liter straight five cylinder turbocharged Diesel, with a capabilities of hauling approximately 3000 lb (1360kg) of cargo capacity. So depending on the amount of interior appliances you want emplace, you may need to put a larger engine to handle the extra weight. The Dodge Sprinter comes with a cargo space of 13 feet (4.1m). If height isn’t the deal breaker for you, than the Chevy Express is also a great choice considering the fact.

Make the most out of your budget

If you are on a low budget you can always save a little extra money negotiating on the price of the van and here is what to look for. The mileage and the age is the first and most obvious thing to consider. Ground clearance and tire wear could also cause an issue, some camp sites will take your vehicle off road and with low ground clearance it could be difficult to maneuver on the beaten path. Make sure you check for any unusual noises, leaks underneath the van and see if the brakes are working properly.

Best Van Conversion Ideas

Build your campervan

Taking into consideration that you bought a used van for a cheap price, a lot of restoration work is ahead of you. The first step of the restoration is cleaning and gutting the van of any unnecessary things. Once you finish that you’ll need to construct a plan, but before you do that make sure you take all the measurements required for the job ahead and start your assembly. Now with a limited space for furniture, appliances you have to sort out with things are necessary. Essentials for your mobile home should be a full size bed, storage for gear and edibles, a working desk and a small kitchen. Assuming your priorities are straighten out, a shower and toilet are the first things you should consider on the optional list. If you have a high top van, make the most of the vertical space. Last but not least start with your decoration and make the van feel like your new home.

Hope I’ve given you some useful van conversion ideas to kickstart your motorhome journey. If you need a comprehensive guide, you might want to get this ebook – Sprinter Van Camper Conversion DIY Guide.

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