22 Awesome RV Decorating Ideas


Just like your regular house and apartment at some point in time even an RV needs a fixer-upper and a decorative touch. Whether your RV needs a complete over haul, just some accessories or even a new paint job, take a look at the following listed ideas for inspiration on your next renovation project.


A simple way go give your interior a new look or shade is to upgrade your lighting. If you are not familiar with electrical wiring, you can call an electrician or just do it yourself with plug-in fixtures.


Furniture placement is essential when living in a tiny mobile home and the style of the sofa or bed dictates the atmosphere and vibe your interior gives. If you don’t have the budget to refurnish your whole interior space, you can give it a makeover by buying some upholstery fabrics and changing the worn out textile. In addition you can re-stuff your pillows and add a new color scheme, which will increase the comfort level and coziness of your RV.

Ideas to decorate your RV

Wallpaper and Curtains

Wallpaper is an awesome and cheap way to give your RV, trailer or Airstreamer a brand new look without the need of painting or any other heavy duty work. Curtains can also provide a nice decorative touch, you can also use curtains to separate some parts of your living space and create a little privacy for yourself.


You can never get enough storage space if you are living in a RV or any other motorhome for that matter. In order to use most of your dead space, you’ll need to be a little creative and sneaky.  You can achieve this by installing lock and roll portables, organizers attached to your doors, sofa chairs or shelves and hangers, make sure to use every inch of free space possible.


Depending on the RV you own and the placement and size of its windows, investing in new larger push out windows will give you the luxury of having a beautiful scenery to view whenever you’d like to. The placement of your new larger windows should be behind or even in front of your bed. With a gorgeous scenery outside of your camper, waking up should not be a problem at all.

Celling Decoration

When renovating or decorating your RV, you don’t really consider giving your celling a touch,  the upper clearance is quite lower and more visible than the one at home. Whether you’d like to replace the lights, add small windows or even invest in a AC ventilation system or a practical power fan any touch of detail is welcomed.

Exterior and backyard

Being a little bit bold on this one is not a bad idea if you are not looking to make a serious statement with your RV, why not give it bright hue color and make it stand apart from miles away. But you don’t have to stop there, give it an extra touch by adding some spots or patterns and make as fun as possible. If you are planning on camping for a longer period of time, then consider building your own outdoor backyard. You don’t really need to put too much effort into it, but with some basic essentials like a picnic table, portable chairs, potted plants, flag holders and even maybe a kiddie pool will surely make your camping experience a lot more enjoyable.

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