29 Best Truck Tent Diy

Truck Tent Diy


Genuinely outdoor camping with a tent is a wonderful experience to partake in your adventures. However during the fall and spring seasons, rain can play a factor on your comfort level, as spring downpours can result in a very wet and soggy ground and the cold nights in the fall will make your sleep miserable. Luckily if you happen to own a truck or an SUV like myself there is an alternative to deal with these unpleasant occurrences by getting your tent off the wet soggy ground – truck tent.

Benefits of a Truck Tent over a normal one

Making the choice between a tent, trailers or swags can be a difficult choice to say the least, as there are many factors you have to consider. However if you are going mobile there are many advantages going car camping. Truck tents are not really a recent innovation, they have been around for quite a while and my guess is you’ve probably seen one already. While earlier models have been a nightmare to setup, newer models have gotten much more practical and easier to strap on and assemble. Of course every type of truck comes with a corresponding tent model.

Truck box gives more protection than any other fabric!

Now a regular tent is made out of a water-resistant and fireproof material, but they won’t do you any good when the wind plays a factor. One of the most important things about truck tents besides getting you off the ground, is the truck box (side metal panels) protecting you from the gruesome wind.  It’s certainly not a huge surprise that the rear box of the truck breaks the wind much more efficient than any sort of fabric. Having a firm piece of metal to protect you from the breeze and a durable Napier fabric will surely make your camping experience a lot more pleasant.


Another quality of having a truck tent is the commodious sleeping space you are getting on your truck bed, whether you are camping with your wife, kids or even your dog. If your truck liner is filled with ridges I would recommend getting a thicker sleeping pad to keep you cozy at night. I have a slim sleeping bad but surprisingly it’s quite comfortable despite having a truck liner with ridges.

DIY Truck Tent Ideas

Setting up your truck tent

A normal tent takes around 10-20 minutes to setup depending on your experience and knowledge, truck tents aren’t all that difficult to set up neither. Select a level campsite and make sure your parking brake is applied. After lowering the trucks tailgate, attach each strap to the bottom of the truck and assemble the tent-polls into each section. Afterward insert the polls into the corresponding color sleeves and you are good to go.

If you are planning on heading out on an adventure during the spring and fall months we can conclude that trunk tents improve your camping experience in more ways than one. Ensuring you have a sturdy protection against the weather, a large comfortable space for resting and last but not least having your truck with you ensure a larger storage facility for your equipment.

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