20 Tips Van Conversion Ideas Layout

Van Conversion Ideas Layout


If you have a mobile lifestyle or like to travel and get away from civilization for a certain period, a conversion van will suit you best. The van original purposes is transporting supplies or people but with a decent budget and creative mind you can transform your regular van into a motorhome which will suit all your needs and requirements.

Planning phase

If you lack a certain level of creativity and have no experience at living in a motorhome, we will provide the necessary guidance required for this project. First you have to do your research on van conversion and find out which idea works best for you and which doesn’t. Converting your van isn’t an overnight process, as it takes months to even start up the project, so it’s important to set an estimated budget and deadline for the project and stick to it so you don’t get lost in your work.

Purchasing and restoration!

Purchasing a used Sprinter van is your best choice, you can find one in a solid condition for around 7000$ on Facebook or Craiglist. Since you are buying a used conversion van, expect to stumble upon some mechanical issues, make sure to check the engine for any unusual noise or leakage and see if the brakes are working properly. Off-roading is something you and your van should quickly get used to, and for that reasons it’s ideal to replace the suspensions and tires of the vehicle for that extra ground clearance when facing beaten up paths.

Van Conversion Layout

Insulation and Solar panels

After resolving any mechanical issues, gutting and stripping down the van from unnecessary things should be your next move. Insulation is a major factor in camper vans because it works great in both warm and cold climates. Adding at least two layers of insulation and installing a roof vent. For electrical power installing two 400watt solar panels on the roof of the vehicle with two batteries and a 1500watt convertor is an ideal investment.


For the flooring you have several options dependable on your budget and resources. You can either go simple and apply sticky vynil planks, or go for a more warm and traditional wooden interior look by installing waterproof laminate which in many cases is just the proper fit for campervans. Carpeting is also another way to go, although it’s not easy to maintain and clean, it gives a more luxury and elegant touch.


Having a kitchen in the campervan is really optional and totally up to you, if you priorities living space more and don’t mind cooking outside than you can install a small pull out kitchen on the rear doors of the van. But if you don’t fancy extra work and time needed for the kitchen to be arranged there are a lot of sleek and creative ideas to impellent a kitchen in your camper.

Bedding and Storage

The bedding and storage are combines most van conversion cases, whether you want to build a basic platform bed with storage underneath, or you want to have a dual purpose drop down couch which can be arranged into a bed, making the most out of what little space there is in the van. Storage is an issue in campervan as you can never get enough it seems. If are not keen on the idea of building drawers and cabinets in your campervan, you can purchase foldable shelf hanging tents or organizers.

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