25 Best Honda Element Camping

Honda Element Camping


The Honda Element is an all-wheel drive crossover SUV manufactured by Honda in East Liberty Ohio, with several model years from 2003 through 2011. The Element was released into production in late 2002, with projected sales reaching 50.000 units. The Honda Element won “Dog Car of the Year” award thanks to its protean cargo space and crate-friendly rear design.


The SUV features a 2.4k liter K four-cylinder engine generating 166 hp and 160 lb-ft of torque, with a towing capacity of 1500 pounds or 680KG. The Honda Element is one of the top safety-picks on the market featuring a reinforced chassis with large cross members and rocker panels.

Design and Use of storage

The rear side doors of the Element open outward from the front, but they are only functional if the front doors are opened. The SUV features a convertible sleeping area called the ECamper, which is accessible from the sunroof located at the back of the storage area of the vehicle. The cargo room in the Element is built like a small truck, so cleaning is not a problem. The Honda Element doesn’t come with high-end interior gadgets it’s practical and easy to use. The interior of the vehicle is quite roomy, it includes fully adjustable sits that can be turned into a comfortable bed if you are looking for a goodnight sleep on a long trip. It’s basically a king sized bed, which can easily 3 to 4 people. The back of the Element is spacious and flat, so any extra gear won’t be a problem.

Benefits of an Enclosed Trailer

The Honda Trailer is one of the most basic lightweight camping trailers available. It’s normally attached to the back of the vehicle making it easy to transport from one location to another. However before purchasing a trailer be careful about the details and capabilities of the camping trailer. The Elements Enclosed trailer makes it a perfect choice for a number of reasons like providing easy storage for equipment, supplies and also keeping the equipment and supplies safe during transport with a benefit factor of added level of security and guarantee.

Transforming the Element into a Camping trailer

The Element is the ultimate adventure-mobile. Everybody has different likings and opinions on how to organize the tall and boxy rear shape of the vehicle into their mobile home. The rear hatch/tailgate combination creates an ideal mobile kitchen. The spacious rear interior makes it ideal for building your own platform, which can serve multiple uses like a sleeping bed or storage. You can also go to extend of building your own office or even a living room and small kitchen, considering the fact that the Honda Element comes with a risible bed.

25 ideas for transforming your Honda Element into a Camping trailer!

It can be hard picking the best camping that suit your needs. The Honda Element is an extremely large auto-mobile with a low fuel consumption and a hefty price. But if you do choose to purchase it, with some reshuffling and customization it can be transformed from a vehicle on the streets into a cozy home.

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    I am interested to buy a Ecamper tent to put on my Honda Element 2008. I have difficulty to find a place because I live in Quebec.
    Do you know a place where I can buy a Ecamper around Quebec or Canada?


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