21 Bucket Lights For Camping

Bucket Lights For Camping


If you’re the type of person who enjoys camping in the outdoors or just likes to casually spend their evening in the outdoors, having a light is essential in making the experience a lot more enjoyable and easier. An inexpensive and simple way of managing this would be to create a bucket lamp which can be used anywhere where there’s a plug in, whether you want to hang it or just leave it sitting on the ground the bucket lamp is excellent in providing enough light without being blinding and a nuisance for you and the others around. If you are wondering how to build this camping gadget, we will provide the necessary guidance of transforming a utility bucket into a camping light.

Why a Bucket Light?

Now I’m sure you’re scratching your head and wondering what’s so special about a bucket light and why you should grab your tools and create one? The bucket light was initially designed to be hung up and produce a pleasing and diffusing light which will lighten up the entire campsite.  A bucket light has many uses due to its durability, ruggedness and most of all flexibility. The Bucket light is quite flexible in more ways than one, it’s not only light weight, it’s also easy to store and easy to use. Not only that, but we strongly believe that the bucket light is one of the most safest, most durable and eye catching camping lights you can buy or better yet convert.

Bucket Light Hacks

Building A Bucket Light

In order to build a Bucket Light you’ll need to have a cable cord, 60W light bulb, five liter bucket, two bolts with nuts and two fender washers, which you can purchase at Home Depot for a total cost of 14$. Now building this thing doesn’t require any craftsman skill as its quite simple, first you cut the female end of the extension cord and strip the rubber casing of the wire revealing the copper. Next you’ll need to drill three identical holes in the bottom of the bucket, one for the wire and the other two for the bolts. Once you manage this, feed the cord throw the bucket and connect the white and black wires to the proper light fixtures and bolt them. For an added lighting effect you place a colored bulb, creating an even more diffusing light. And last close the lid of the bucket, plug it into a socket and enjoy the view.

Bucket Lights Placement

A basic bucket lights weighs from one to two pounds, and you can use them in many different ways and occasions. Whether you want to hang them on lantern posts, a three branch or even stick a nail and attach them, a bucket light will serve its purpose. If you have several bucket lights you can create a lighten totem pole effect by stacking them or you can eve use them as a sitting platform if you are missing a chair or two. More and more people are using a series of bucket lights sitting on the ground to outline their campsite perimeter.

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