23 Minivan Camper Conversions to Inspire Your Build & Adventure

Minivan Camper Conversions


If you are camping enthusiast then you certainly know the importance of having a camping van that is customized for life on the road. A minivan can make a great RV for you and your partner or even your small family. A camper van that is well equipped with all the necessary amenities needed to survive on the road or parks can actually enable you to stay out of your home even for several weeks. There are lots of minivans out there in the market that you can choose to convert into a campervan. While most minivans can easily be converted into a camper not all of them are easy to convert.

If you already own a minivan the best thing you could do if you want to get something that will help you stay away from camping affordably is to convert it to a camper. There is nothing more fulfilling to camping lovers than knowing that they got a fully equipped camping van they can use to stay anywhere they wish. So in this article we are going to show you sure ways that you can follow to change a minivan into a camper easily without much of a hustle.

Here below are some helpful tips that should help you turn your minivan into a great deal of a camping vehicle:

1. Preparation

The first step you will have to take is to create space for the bed that you will be placing into the back of the van. This means that you will have to find a way to dislodge the back seats from the vehicle’s body. If you find it hard to remove the seats yourself, you can seek help from a professional who will help you have the seats removed perfectly without damaging the floor or the seats.

2. The design

The design process is not easy and will need you to conduct thorough research from friends who have done it before. The Internet is also another great resource where you could perform your research to get the best possible designs that you can then rely on. Once you have conducted thorough research and found a rough idea you can then move on to doing the design. It is important that as you do the designing you do it in way that caters for your unique needs and wants. If you wish to save big on your gas mileage and also if your carpentry knowledge is just basic perhaps you should go for the simplest design that wont’ be complicated for you.

A good rule of the thumb is to go for a lightweight design that will be easy for you to set up. Also have your design fitted with various compartments as this will help make you remain organized as you travel.

3. The supplies

Wood is certainly of the most essence here and you should have sheets of plywood. I am not going to talk about the sizes of the plywood because this is dependent on the size of the van you will be designing. The materials that are vital for you to have are plywood, hinges, screws, cabinet-lid stays, D rings, carpet, and staples. You will also need tools such as drill, a staple gun or hammer, table & miter saws.

4. The Construction

The construction is now the real thing and it should not take you long if you knew what is needed and prepared them early. If you are not so very good at carpentry you could enlist the help of friends. Having an instruction manual on hand can also be of great help to you.

What your converted minivan should feature

Your design should have a main storage compartment which should be easily accessible from the back of the van. There should also be a top-loading hatch compartment featuring a bed. The storage area is best placed under the bed to give you all the needed storage space.

5. The furnishing

The mattress that you will put on your makeshift bed on the van should one that is able to fit snugly on the improvised bed. It should be comfortable but not very thick and easily foldable for ease of accessing the hatch compartment.

Minivan Camper Conversion Ideas

The benefits of converting your minivan into a camper

It offers maximized mobility if compared to towed trailers. With a converted minivan camper you get to have more overnight options as in you don’t necessarily have to go camping at a campground, RV Park or RV hotel grounds.

It offers better protection from the harshness of the weather compared to using tents for camping. Converting your minivan into a camper is affordable, easy and not time consuming. It helps to bring about more coziness with your better half.

Challenges to expect

  • You will have to contend with a van that lacks rear seats.
  • Actually finding a place that is legal, secure and private can really be quite a challenge to you with a minivan camper.
  • Privacy can really be a big issue for you especially if you are travelling with someone who is not so very close to you.
  • Sometimes you will have to contend with much heat inside the van especially when you have to sleep in there during daylight hours. This however should not be an issue at night when it is cold outside.

Other things you will need to carry along as you go camping in your minivan

  • Clean water
  • Windshield sunshade as well as curtains to offer you added privacy
  • A torch
  • Nets for mosquitoes
  • Tarp; this will help to protect you from rain


If you love camping and don’t like the idea of towing camping trailers around due to their cumbersome nature you can simply convert a minivan into a camper. Even though minivans may not offer much usability like the towed trailers, they are versatile and easily to move with even on steep slopes. A minivan is also easy to convert into a complete camper.

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