22 Rv Couch Ideas You Need to See

Rv Couch


A typical downside in a lot of RV interior designs, is the large and unattractive bed/sofa which in many cases occupies the central living space in an already packed small unit. A regular RV sofa is not as practical nor comfortable as you would like it to be, and when living in a small motorhome, making the most out of every inch possible is the key. However a sleeper sofa has several important purposes and living without one in a RV is practically unimaginable, so what can you do to sort this issue out? Taking all things into consideration building one does not sound like a bad idea at all.

Creating Privacy

Before starting the build on your sofa, take time to measure the space you’re given with and find a perfect spot to fit your new handmade couch. Privacy is common issue when living in a small motorhome, but if you explore your options you can easily resolve that problem. One way to separate your sleeping area from your living space is to divide it with expendable custom mobile wall panels. Another simpler solution for this problem is to attach a shower curtain rod between the two side walls of the RV and then hang a curtain of your desirability.  A sun resident fabric should be your preferred choice of purchase.

Beautiful DIY RV Couch Ideas

Double Chaise

Preferably you would like your couch to be comfortable for both sleeping and sitting, surprisingly that’s one of the trickiest parts to accomplish. A comfortable sleeping platform and mattress would most likely result in a hardship on your bones, while you are in sitting mode due to the different furniture specifications. A good solution for this problem is to make the sofa stretch from one end of the RV to another and completely remove the sofa arms, laying out the bed flat and covering the mattress with an upholstery fabric and several pillows to ensure a high comfort level.


When building a custom sofa, storage is another area you want to address as we all know storage is something we can never get enough of when living in a motorhome. Assuming you are not going with the pull out bed idea, I recommend constructing a frame for storage placement underneath.

Assembly and placement

Building a sofa is not as complicated as you can imagine. I recommend using plywood as it’s quite flexible and durable for bedding. I also recommend using a slats system with planks placed in parallel rows and a sleeping mattress or cushions placed over it. I’m sure most of you would like to stain the plywood frame once that is done but be careful as it can be a real headache, if you want to get the best staining result use a water base stain product. You can start removing the old couch by breaking it apart, removing the cushions, mattress and arms. The sofa is usually bolted to the floor of the RV, but using a wrench should do the job. Remove the broken down pieces carefully one at a time.

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