23 Best Camper Playhouse


A Camper trailer or sometimes referred to as a travel trailer is a towed road vehicle with a purpose of providing a place to sleep, camp or even live in. But is there more you can do with a camper?  If you happen to own an old vintage trailer lying around and have no intentions of getting it back on the road, can it still be useful in some way? Well a couple with three kids though of what a great idea it would be to convert their old vintage trailer into a playhouse, rather than selling it and here is how they manage to do it.


Now a regular camper conversion or remodel can take several months to complete, especially if you are planning on doing it yourself. Transforming a camper into a playhouse however is not your typical conversion and can take quite a lot of time to do the research and lay the plans out for the conversion. If you have the basic tool knowledge and a decent experience in campers, the do it yourself approach is not a bad idea at all, assuming you have lengthy timeline ahead of you.

My Top Camper Playhouse Ideas

Body and Framework!

Before starting conversion project, make sure to find the perfect place for your camper’s placement, once you’ve accomplished that work can begin. Stripping it down and gutting it from the inside may be required as some old campers due tend to mold or even lack insulation which can be a problem later on. After completely tearing the camper down, replacing the wooden framework is essential. Adding several layers of insulation and filling the tricky to get places with sheep wool should be your next step. Once the bodywork is complete you can begin painting the interior and exterior of your playhouse. Apart from using one coat of prime white, mixing bright hue colors with patterns and shapes would be a nice decorative touch which your kids will appreciate latter on.

Porch and flooring

Building a porch around your playhouse is a nice way of keeping the kids of the mud and sand when they want to get some fresh air. Since you are building a smaller version of a porch, hardwood is not essential and you can do it by using yellow pine or fir. For the flooring you have two options which are both easy to install and maintain or clean.  You can either go with sticky tiles or sticky vinyl planks, both of them being economical.


Now choosing the right furniture for a playhouse can be hard and quite dependable of the age of the children which are going to stay in it. For bedding I recommend bunk beds, as kids absolutely love them. I recommend making a working desk for arts and craft which will be a nice feature, but you can also go a more classical way with a dining table and bench. Upholstery is your number one friend when remodeling so make sure to use plenty of fabric concerning the furniture covering. Adding curtains and plenty of pillows will not only increase the comfort level which your children will surely enjoy but it will give the playhouse a nice warm look.

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