Having a campervan means you could travel anywhere you desire without having to worry about any weather misfortunes. The camper van has a small living space, and that’s why it’s quite crucial for the interior design to be on point. The comfort level of the camper fan solely depends on the interior planning and appliance placement, so if you are having trouble designing the interior of you future camper van we will provide some ideas for use.

Interior Ideas for your Campervan


Pre made camper vans are quite expensive, but with a decent budget you can transform your regular van into a camper which will make any further camping trip much more suitable to enjoy. The do it yourself approach is possible if you have knowledge on how the tools operate, and with a little help from friends your good to go. Some parts of the build will require professional help for example the plumbing and electrical wiring, but make sure you observe their work and acquire the skill and technical expertise they have for any future tasks.

Interior style

After resolving the main priorities of the van, the next step is adding insulation and a power fan which will work best for both warm and cold weather climates. The next step is deciding what type of flooring best suits your lifestyle. You can install the basic floorboards, go for the economical route by applying sticky vinyl planks or if you prefer to a little bit more luxury then carpets. If you are working on a budget than adding wallpapers to the camper vans walls is ideal, but if you prefer a cozy and warm look than a wooden interior is your right choice. If you are planning on staying with your family or friends adding curtains and creating separate rooms is a nice way of making some sort of privacy.


Now before you start designing and building your interior design you have to ask yourself the question, what kind of camping trips are you planning on heading into? If you are looking to get away from civilization for a longer period of time, you have to consider designing a small kitchen fitted with a stove. Most suitable for cooking in a camper van is a deployable stove, which can be used indoor and outdoor. An ice box will keep your food fresh but for the luxury of adding a mini fridge you will require electrical power to keep it running. A portable or composite toilet in case you are camping in public camping areas, and most importantly a source of electrical power, which in most cases is answered with several solar panels with a converter and battery pack.

Furniture and storage

Most Camper Vans have include one king sized bed build on a costume platform, the empty space underneath the bed works as the main storage compartment area of the campervan. But if you are looking to install separate beds, than adding two separate beds which can be arrange and act as a siting area will provide an added comfort level. Storage is one factor you should never overlook as there can never be enough when you are going the distance. Using the most of your vertical living space is a key factor it the interior of the campervan. Installing shelves and mini drawers will give you additional storage space.

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