24 Skoolie Conversion Projects


Have you ever thought about dropping everything quitting your 9 to 5 job and going on a life changing journey. Surely yes, even though most of us like the idea in general only a handful are brave enough to venture on a life changing journey. Now if you already made up your mind you will need some type of motorhome, like and RV, Caravan trailer, or Convo van. However the main problem with these types of vehicles is that they do not offer the required space for comfortable living with family or friends, converting a school bus however does.

Transforming your regular school bus is no simple task to take into consideration, in requires a solid budget even to take into matter, not only that but you also have to possess a certain level of creativity in order to accomplish this task, along with planning, patience and the sheer will to undergo this project.

Demolition and conversion

General Motors produce several series of school busses branded by Chevrolet. The GMC B series with models from 1966, 1984 and 1992 will suit your requirements, the best options for purchasing one is on Craig List with a price range of $7000 – $9000. For this project, you will need a range variety of tools, and besides purchasing them, renting some will be a good choice in order to save some money. After stripping the buss down and gutting in from the inside, several layers of insulation should be added along with hardware and caulking for sealing. You can save loads of money if you do the interior and exterior paintjob yourself.

Solar Panels

Solar panels is a rather expensive but mandatory investment. A 300 – 400W panel with a 600ah AGM battery bank is more than enough for your daily power consumption and it will provide the necessary power for your fridge, toilet, stove, battery appliances, lights and so on. It’s best to find professional help for mounting or contact the company pre purchasing the product.

Hot Water system and toilet

Normally when you think of a motorhome, a bathtub and toilet are not popular priorities, but considering the length of the buss (10-13m) it’s really not a bad investment. A hot waters system and plumbing is also required and if you plan on doing it yourself, do some extensive researching for safety reasons. Installing a composting toilet is well worth the price, the toilet fan uses power from the solar power and it’s odorless when the bus is stationary.

Furniture and Kitchen appliances

A small sized kitchen with a propane tank stove is a good way to go or if you are going for a more traditional warm look a wooden stove will keep you warm and cozy. Tile heater is also a great way to deal with those awfully windy nights as for the rest of the living space its up for you to decide whether you want to pack at as much as you can or just leave it plane simple open style with a king sized bed, working desk and some storage cabinets.

School Bus Conversion Ideas

Hitting the Road

Whether you want to visit the icy mountains, the stormy deserts or even the sunny beaches owning a 40 foot conversion home gives you the comfort of enjoying those trips. It will also make you appreciate nature for its breathtaking beauty and you’ll find pleasure and entertainment in it.

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