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Now in days it seems that more and more people are giving in to the idea of living and traveling in a conversion motorhome of their creation. Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes, but if you are looking to permanently settle in a recreational vehicle than choosing a bigger vehicle will not only increase your comfort level but more importantly provide you with a bit of u of privacy which we all need it sometimes. Bus conversions are becoming more frequent in recent times due to their shire size, safety features and length in floor space, providing room to even house a small family in. But if you assumed that the conversion is the hardest part of the project you’d be wrong, living alone in a motorhome can sometimes be difficult let alone sharing it with another person or people.

Bus Camper Conversion Tips

We will provide you with the best and worst ordeals of sharing a small home with another person and of course some tips and tricks on how to improve your lifestyle if you ever find yourself in this situation

Bus Camper Lifestyle

Upsides of sharing a small space with another person

One of the many great things about sharing a small conversion home with another person is being close to them, whether it’s your best friend, lover, spouse or even a family member being close to them means, you’ll grow with them and share some amazing moments together making an unbreakable bond. Another great addition to this is reducing living expenses and increasing your energy levels meaning you’ll be more productive than before. The smaller living space also has its positive sides, as you’ll have fewer places to lose your keys and misplace your mobile phone, in addition you get an obligatory search partner.

Downsides of sharing a small space with another person

And of course sharing a small space with another person does have its downsides like mentioned. The adequate lack of privacy can sometimes be an un-avoidable issue, you can always go in another room or area. But considering the fact that you are living in a 500 to 800 feet square home you’re not really getting away much, not only that but your also separated by a thin slider door in the wall or even worst a curtain. Even though forming an immense bond with another person is great, ironically it does have its bad sides also. For example if one of you has a bad day, emotional breakdown, it’s almost impossible for the other person not to feel extremely affected by it.

Secrets to harmoniously sharing living space

Living with someone else in a small converted space doesn’t mean that you have to be around them and share activities every time. Take separate whenever you feel like it, investing in yourself will not only be beneficial to you but also to the other around you.

Design tips for people wanting to transition into a small conversion home

One of the most important things when laying out the plans for your conversion motorhome is to design it so it fits all your needs and desires. The best tiny homes are not the most innovative one but rather the ones that really lean into the unique aesthetic of the owner, so make sure to do you. Floor space is something you’ll be looking to save on as much as possible especially if you are going to be living with a pet as you have to account for the fact that most cats or dogs like run around freely.

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