Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion


Premade Caravan trailers cost a fortune and in many cases are over packed and lack efficiency. The reason for this is being that buyers are not serious outdoorsmen, rather regular or new campers. What makes cargo trailer better in my opinion, besides being a lot cheaper is the roomy design and blank interior space. The empty interior space gives you the options of designing the caravan’s interior for your preferred choice and needs. The cargo trailer has another advantage over the camper trailer with its lighter weight it gives you the flexibility of towing it with your regular pick up track to a wider variety of locations.

Planning and designing

And now you might be asking yourself several questions like “How am I going to pull this off? or Where do I even start? This is where we can help you and provide you the necessary guidance required for converting a regular trailer into your next living motorhome. The first step if to purchase a cargo trailer, we recommend getting as Haulmark, Bravo or Wells Cargo for their superior durability and craftsmanship. Next step is planning phase so pick up a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and start thinking about what you’ll like to implement in your camper trailer.

Start with the basics

Your first priorities should be the plumbing and electricity, but we recommend installing a straight axel and maybe putting on bigger wheels for higher ground clearance. By doing this not only are you improving the towing capability of the trailer but you are adding a higher protection on the plumbing. Adding the plumbing and electrical wiring should be a pretty straight forward task for an enclosed trailer. For electrical power source solar panels are a great investment, 300W panel with a 400 Ah battery and a converter will give you all the necessary power for your battery appliances.

Cargo Trailer Conversion Ideas

Exterior and interior work

Once that is out of the way you can begin on building and editing the interior space of the trailer. Next thing you might be looking to do is replace the regular cargo door with a new RV-like one, installing push out fiber glass windows are a safety plus feature you should be looking to consider. Adding several layers of insulation will keep your camper warm at winter and cold at summer. If you are planning on camping in a warmer climate, then installing electrical power fans or AC will surely give you an added comfort level. The flooring of the caravan is an appealing feature, but you might save a little money if you go for an economical route and apply sticky vinyl planks or tiles. Of course you can always have a little bit more luxury and install waterproof laminate and lay down some carpets.

Kitchen and bedding

Well assuming you are camping alone or with a family member, building a custom frame for the bed with storage underneath is ideal. For cooking you can build a custom small kitchen which may include a small electrical stove, refrigerator, sink and several counters and shelves for storing food supplies.

Hot Water system and toilet

I recommend installing a composting toilet instead of a regular camper one, the composting one has several advantages with the main one being odorless. A hot water system is not necessary idea but surely a welcoming one if you have the budget, with the extra energy from the solar panels, hot water should not be an issue.

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