37 Easy Camper Remodel Ideas for Travel Trailer


RV’s trailers or Campers give you the mobility of seeing the beauty that nature provides us through the window of your motorhome. If you happen to own a trailer or you just bought a used one which needs some interior upgrades and a makeover, we will show you some innovative ideas and tips on how to restore your campers shine without the excruciating process of breaking the bank and gutting the inside of the trailer. Assuming you taken care of all your mechanical issues like the plumbing, electrical and travel system, here are some easy aesthetical upgrades and ideas for you camper:

Replace the flooring

Replace the flooring is essential in giving your camper a new look, and a nice place to start with remodeling itself. Many campers tend to have carpeting which can be worn out by the game it got to your hands or feet should I say. You have many options when it comes to easy and cheap campers flooring, you can replace the carpeting or you can install sticky tiles or even interlocking wooden planks for a more stylish look.

Paint and Wallpaper

Repainting the exterior and interior of your camper with a new color will change the whole ambient of vehicle. Repainting the camper won’t take much of your time as you assume and you don’t really need a high quality and expensive paint for the job, if you are going to do it yourself. It’s quite important though to clean and scrape all the surfaces before applying any paint on it. For the interior walls you can mix it up a little and install wallpapers on your accent walls while painting the non-accent walls thus creating a nice and cozy balance.

Camper Remodel Ideas

Replace your bedding

If your sofa or bed is in a worn out shape replacing it would be ideal assuming you have the budget for it. If you do decide on replacing the sofa keep in mind that many sofas are bolted in the floor and tend to hide an ugly wiring space. Also another thing to keep in mind is to measure your new sofa so you can figure if it can fit throw the largest opening of the RV or trailer.

Replace the worn out and dated upholstery

The draperies and upholsteries have a huge impact on yours trailers look. If your couch or bedding is in a usable condition I recommend replacing the fabric of the bed and pillows. A good tip for fabric choices is to purchase upholstery that will stand up to sunlight, moisture and grim. We all know fabrics go a long way in giving your camper a “glamping” look, so why stop there? Installing curtains on your windows will really make your RV feel like a home away from home, especially if you choose some vibrant and pop out colors for them.

Add a wooden countertop

Campers tend to lack countertop space. A nice solution for the lack of space in your kitchen is to apply a foldable wooden countertop on your gas cooktops. GO simple with a pine wood and finish the countertop with a nice stain touchup.

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