Switching from a brick home to a full-time van living can be a life changing experience for you, with a few surprises under its sleeve. Now living in a camper van enables you to travel the world whenever you wish to and meet new people along the way. If you are preparing yourself to take this leap, we’ll show you what to expect when you hit the road and some tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Adventures never stops

If you’re that type of person who’s seeking adventure, living in a camper van means that adventure will find you. Traveling with a camper van has a certain level of organization which means stops and brakes are usually pre-planned.  So traveling and living in a campervan means that you’ll get caught up in endless unplanned adventures, so get used to them.

Community Vibes

When you hit the road and you’re out there traveling for an extended time it’s easy to miss your family and friends, but you’ll get used to it. On the positive side the Van Dwellers community is one of the most warm-welcoming communities and having a conversation with the locals will be much more easier as they’ll frequently come over and ask about your van.

Van Life Interior 2017

Definitely Buy a High-Top Van

If you are deciding on what type of van you should buy, I recommend going with a high-top van as it will definitely make your daily life a much more comfortable experience especially if you are a tall person yourself. Not only that but having a high-top van means you are getting a bigger living space and that comes in handy when taking storage space into consideration, storage is number one priority and you can never get enough of it when living in a camper van so make the most out of your vertical space

Rainy Days Are Perfect for Hanging Out

Most people quite their 9 to 5 and hit the road with a camper van seeking freedom and adventure. But no matter how great your plans are, rain will eventually happen and spoil them. Now you might think that being stuck indoor will leave you feeling claustrophobic, well it turns out that rainy days can sometimes be the best days as they’ll have you all tucked up in your blanket cozy and warm.

Charging Stuff

Now living in van has its downsides also, one major drawback is the lack of constant power you normally have in your home. Now a solution for this problem is solar panels which are an expensive investment you’ll never regret, but if that isn’t an option for you there are ways to get around. One way of dealing with this problem is to make the most out of schedule stops and charge your computer, phone and other electrical devices and coffee shops, restaurants or gas stations. You can also buy a lithium battery pack which takes up to 6 hours to fully charge and use it to charge your battery appliances.

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