28 Best Van Living Ideas for Travel Trailer


For most of the hitting the road with a camper van can be an extremely fulfilling experience. But living the adventure life can quickly turn into an ordeal if the van isn’t equipped with all the necessary amenities. If you are planning on taking the next step and living on the road you’ll need to know what essentials you would mostly likely need to pack your van with. Now all that equipment takes living space away from you, you’ll have to sacrifice some gadgets in order to have adequate room for living, especially if you are staying with a family. Now every van lifer has different needs, whether he enjoys the luxury of gadgets or is satisfied with the simplest of things, but we can’t argue about the essentials for cooking, eating, washing and relaxing.

Cooking and Eating

The most effective and basic appliance for camper vans is a small removable gas stove for indoor and outdoor usage. The stove runs on disposable gas canisters which can find on amazon for a cheap price. For preserving your fresh food we recommend two options, either go with the economical one of buying an electric cool box or a mini fridge which can provide a more organized storage for your food.

If you are planning on free camping and going the mile, carrying enough water supply is crucial. A plastic canister 20 liter or higher will provide the necessary water for drinking, cooking and washing, but we recommend implementing a second one for an added insurance level. Living the camper van lifestyle, surely means you prefer to dine outdoor rather than inside the van and a fold-out table with chairs are just the right thing. Now you should always have a second option in case of a rainy weather, installing a small deployable table in your camper should do the job.

Van Living Ideas

Long term living

When it comes to long term living in a camper van, there are some investments you should consider making to ease your daily duties. For small gateways you can purchase a camping toilet for a rather low cost, in case you are camping in a public area. But for longer camping periods away from civilization upgrading your van with a composite toilet and a power fan will do you a ton of good. Recharging your battery appliances one day to day basis can be nerve racking, so investing in a solar is well worth the cost. I recommend getting 2-4 solar panels with a 400ah battery pack and a converter which will provide all the necessary power for your mini fridge, lights, battery devices and more.

Storage and organization

Organization and storage are a crucial factor for in any van, that’s why keeping track of anything stored and having the easy of aces to it its vital. In most van cases, the main storage compartment is under the bed frame. Storage is a key factor and you can never get enough of it that’s why it vital to use every inch of dead space possible, so  for your daily appliances building shelves in between the bed and side of your van, and purchasing seat organizers behind the seats is a great idea for items you use on a daily basis.

Showering and washing

Camping in a conversion van means you’ll have to sacrifice those long hot showers and you should probably get used to those outdoor showers. Camp showers bags which are black bags filled with water come in different shapes and sizes, and it only takes a couple of hours for them to warm up. As for your clothes, put them in a waterproof bag, with soup nuts and shake them around, works wonderfully.

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