23 Best American Teardrop Trailer


The American Teardrop is a streamlined compact and lightweight travel trailer which gets its name from its teardrop profile. The Teardrop trailer itself became popular during the 1930’s, but after 30 years on the mainstream scene they disappeared until their reemergence in the 90’s because of the internet. In recent years the American Teardrop trailer is gaining in popularity and usage due to its practicality and affordability. The American Teardrop Trailers are generally small with room for two people to sleep in, inside and outside storage placement, entertainment center and a kitchen galley in the rear hatch of the trailer. Due to its small size and lightweight the teardrop trailer can be towed by just about any vehicle with little to no fuel consumption difference, making it one of the most flexible campers on the market and top of its category.


The American teardrop trailer is designed with a powder coated steel framework and reinforced aluminum tubing frames. The shell of the trailer is made out of high gloss fiberglass skin which is laminated over structural Styrofoam. The teardrop trailers, like mentioned are basically small ranging from 4-6 feet in width and 8 to 10 feet in length with a height length of 5 feet. It features a single door entrance, one to two windows and LED exterior lighting. The lighting and other electrical devices are powered by a storage battery in the frontal compartment.

American Teardrop Trailer Ideas

Main Sleeping Quarters

The interior of the American teardrop trailer features sleeping quarters for two, with a queen sized bed which has a 4 inch foam matters. The Bed can be converted into a sofa or lounging area which features a foldable table and cup holder, depending on the model and design of the trailer. The sleeping compartment storage is surprisingly quite large featuring wooden veneer cabinets, shelves and flooring storage with room for your clothes and camping most of your camping equipment. Another edition to the main area is the entertainment system, which in most cases consists of a flat screen TV, stereo, and built in Bluetooth speakers. The Interior design also features a ventilating system and thermo electric cooling which isn’t all that great if you are camping in a somewhat cold climate. I recommend getting heating pads for further comfort and a cozy sleep.

Tailgate Kitchen

The tailgate section of the camper features a kitchen galley that is accessible from the outside of the trailer. The main countertop of the galley is built from waterproof laminate and has a glass-stop sink with a pressurized water system from a 40 liter water tank and grey waste water tank. The galley also features two gas burner cooktops, an AC outlet and a slide out cooler. Once in a while the cooler has to drained do the water from the melting ice. One way to deal with this problem is to freeze several bottle with three quarters filled with water to account for the expansion. This will last you four to five days and will relief you from the trouble of cleaning the cooler. The tailgate also features a push-thourgh window which can serve for passing food throw it.


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