55 Awesome Camper Van Design Ideas for VW Bus


The Volkswagen Bus is one of the most iconic vans ever manufactured and is the epitome of traveling and adventure. The original VW bus became popular during the counterculture movement and is still to these days affiliated with the hippies, but apart from that VW is one of the most ideal vintage traveling vans for conversion. The VW stubby shape makes it ideal for customizing and converting into a snazzy little house on wheels.

If you are looking for inspiration regarding your own VW Camper conversion, we will provide some interesting interior ideas on designing your campervan.

Charlie T2

Charlie is the name of the 1977 VW bus which Luke Janes has been living for the past 6 years. His conversion van was built from low construction materials next to home has no electricity, heating or natural gas with little to no monthly expenses. What makes this conversion van so special is its neat and simple interior design, with all the basic necessities and no room for extra appliances. The Van features a risible sleeping area similar to your classical E Camper which is connected via the sunroof.  The T2 camper also features freezer box for keeping food fresh. However Luke states that there are some disadvantages when living in his conversion bus, like for example its lack of insulation makes living in the summers to hot and in the winters to cold.

VW Bus Design Ideas

Fully electrical T2 bus

Another magnificent VW bus conversion is Brett and Kira Belen fully electrical 1973 VW bus. The VW bus has a 1.22 KR solar away mounted on a aluminum roof top frame which creates a sleeping loft underneath when it’s deployed. The Solar Electric bus uses 12 sets of Trojan T-1275 lead-acid batteries which are placed in a custom battery box underneath the rear bench seat. When fully charged the electrical gas tank provides a driving range of up to 50 miles with a driving speed up 25 miles an hour. The bus also has an electrical plug in and can be charged via a grid connection, which can be fully charged in about 2 hours.

Rose T2

Another classic conversion of a VW T2 and a home of a Rome Cooler is Rose. Rose features a small interior kitchen with a 20 liter refillable water tank, a gas stove, a sink which can be covered and turned into a cupboard. The van features a unique Drop-Down Bed which can be converted from a regular bench and table table into a full sized bed with little to no effort. An amazing addition to the van is the extendable sunroof which is placed just over the bed. The van features a plenty of storage with several overhead storage compartments and cabinets, using most of the dead space in the van. One thing the Van lacks is electricity since it powers its electrical devices like the mini fridge using rechargeable batteries. One essential thing the van lacks is electrical power as the mini fridge and other electrical devices use rechargeable batteries.

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